Thank you Lina for sharing your love with us
"Thank you for wonderful retreat and time together! It’s a club from which you don’t want to leave, but when you do, yours back is straighter, brighter look and happier smile Sense of humor of our caring teacher, helps to make hard asanas till the end So after every time I feel physically and spiritually inspired to move forward Sincerely thank you Lina for sharing your love with us????????"
Dovile Do
She is a healer more than an instructor
"Lina is a deep and enlightened yoga practitioner. She is aware of the deep science of yoga behind postures and shares the secrets of yogic practice with her students with great pleasure. She is truly compassionate and giving toward her students. She is a healer more than an instructor. She brings a lot empathy to her sessions and pays personal attention to every individual and their very personal needs and goals. She adapts every session to the needs of people, never hurries and remains dedicated to her students. Beyond the classes, she shares secrets of youth and wellness through right diet and naturopathy tips and lifestyle with her students. She has studied essential oils and herbs and shares this with her students. The affect of her coaching is transformational - it increases the energy level, quality of sleep and brings positivity to the mind. The body feels lighter, healthier and younger after a few sessions with her. Lina a gentle healer and yoga teacher and I know from personal experience with more than 50 yoga instructors that she is a true yoga master. I am filled with gratitude toward her for the gift of yoga and wellness she has given me and many of my friends."
Ajay Goyal
New life!

“Lina is very motivating, and caring teacher. Very structured. If there is a problem she would fix it right away.
I learned how to love yourself more with having a healthier lifestyle and how eat/ healthy but very delicious dishes.
Will definitely do it again in the near future  THANK YOU!”

Gabrielle Victoria Tamasciuk
Vilnius, Lithuania
Love Your Classes

“Lina is a wonderful, kind and inspiration person. I am very grateful for possibility to meet her, because that changed a lot of things in my life”

Donata Dvareckaitė
Vilnius, Lithuania
The Best Part of My Day!

“Lina is a very professional and thoughtfull yoga teacher. I enjoyed our time in the yoga retreat and didn’t want to leave. Lina motivates you to stretch harder, eat healthier, drink more water and enjoy the spiritual world.  Thank you for the time together and wish you all the best ”

Ernesta Tamasciukaite
Vilnius, Lithuania