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Yoga Teacher Lina Logvin:

My spiritual journey into yoga has started since I traveled to India in 2009. However, my physical journey has begun later, when my mother suggested me to try yoga for my spinal problems in 2010. From my first yoga class, I felt this was the perfect way to begin moving my body, refresh and recharge my mind. Step by step my body and spirit began to transform.

From childhood I like to keep myself busy by exploring myself in different ways. I have never confined myself to one activity till I found yoga. God was the best pilot, He took me to the right destination. Yoga.

Yoga helps me recognize who I am, what is with my body going on. Moreover, yoga relieves me to release my diseases, grief, worries and anger. It helps to find myself, to understand people and this world.

For the first five years of my yoga journey, I started by attending classes whenever I could and taking my first teacher trainings here in Lithuania and in Bulgaria. The more I learnt about myself and yoga, the better decisions I made each day. I also started to expand my knowledge about health and nutrition. I read books, explored the internet, spoke to nutritionists and just immersed myself in information. This is where my attraction to health really started to grow.

At the same time I started studying about chakras. I completed Magnified Healing 1stphase workshop as well as three levels of Pranic Healing certification program: MCKS Pranic Healing, MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing, MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy.

And I began to see things more clearly. Unfortunately, something wasn’t right in my life.

On the one hand I had a wonderful, high-paying job at an international company and good colleagues as well, but on the other hand I wasn‘t fulfilled of all the possibilities in my workplace. I came to realize how much fear I had to go further, towards uncomfortable zones. One person picked me up  at that particular time I was down. It was my brother. He inspired me to take a situation and make the best of it.



Feel free to send mr any questions you may have. I am happy to answer them.

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